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Playgroup Committee

The Playgroup committee is responsible for the overall management and smooth running of the setting. This can mean anything from organising a fundraising event to negotiating with the parish council. The committee is the employer of staff in the playgroup and so has overall responsibility for recruiting, training and developing staff, paying their salaries and managing their contracts.

The committee also has responsibility for things like developing a business plan, managing the daily accounts and working with staff, ensuring the setting follows health and safety, risk assessment, insurance and first aid guidance.

Who is it for

Anyone can be a member of the playgroup committee. Parents are especially well suited as it offers an ideal opportunity to be more involved in their child’s learning and development. Parents also find benefits for themselves including meeting other parents, updating skills and learning new ones, as well as putting something back into the local community.

Skills in hr, marketing, IT, design, accounting, experience of working in an early years setting etc are often in demand as is a desire to muck in and help out where you can.


The fees raised by children attending Playgroup do not cover the running costs of the charity, like staff wages and rent. Fundraising is essential for Playgroup to remain open. The committee fundraises in several ways like annual events such as the Winter Wonderland and The Alternative Quiz Night, also raffles and corporate donations. It is in all parents’ interest to contribute to fundraising, whether helping at an event, sourcing donations, making cakes or joining the fundraising team. Any suggestions of other forms of fundraising are always welcome. Without it, Playgroup will close.

Committee members for 2019/20

Chair – Barbara Wolfe

Treasurer – Merry Pertwee

Secretary – Elisa Luggeri

Other Members – Claire Bonfield, Holly Smith, Laura McKie, Tinuke Bernard

If you would like to get in touch, please email:

How can parents be involved?

Much of the work of the committee is fun and a great excuse to get out in the evening – building new partnerships with parents, coming up with fundraising ideas, getting exciting plans off the ground, generally mucking in. But there are some organisational roles too and some regular jobs:

All committee:




If you would like to find out more, contact any of our committee members or the Pre-School Learning Alliance -