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The Ashwell Playgroup is for children of Ashwell in Hertfordshire and the surrounding villages, aged 2 years old to 4 years old. We offer pre-school education through a variety of different “in the moment” play opportunities whilst developing children’s skills in preparation for the transition to local Nursery Schools. Our sessions run for a maximum of 20 children.

Key Info

9:15am - 12:15pm (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)* 1:15pm - 3pm (Mon, Wed)**
£5.50 / hour ***

* Lunch club available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:15pm until 13:15pm, subject to minimum 4 children committed on regular basis. Additional £5.50 per session.

** Extended sessions (including Thursday and additional afternoons) can be increased as demand requires, so please let us know if you are interested.

*** invoiced per term, grants available, childcare vouchers excepted, session fees rising September 2018

Term Times

Autumn 1: 3rd September - 25th October
Half Term: 28th October - 1st November
Autumn 2: 4th November - 20th December
Spring 1: 7th January - 14th February
Half Term: 17th - 21st February
Spring 2: 24th Feb - 3rd April
Summer 1: 21st April - 22nd May
Half Term: 25th May - 29th May
Summer 2: 1st June - 17th July

Our Values

Staff are sensitive to the individual care needs of each child. They use plenty of praise to raise their self-esteem and help them feel safe and secure within the playgroup. Children are supported very well to build excellent self-help skills…”, and “Children enjoy imaginative games, playing along side each other and developing language for communication, literacy and mathematical skills.

Ofsted inspector 2016